There’s no denying that a new Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center is a great way to provide a healthy environment for young children while simultaneously providing children with an opportunity to develop a love of learning. “The balance of care, education, play, and wildness.” That’s a phrase that I can relate with very well and having worked in the early childhood area of childcare I know that Kenmore is always one of the best places to start. The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center has been a staple for the Kenmore family. My daughter attended their preschool for most of her elementary years and I’ve had many wonderful experiences there. Check out –

Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

Kenmore Hills Early Learning

Kenmore Hills Early Learning Centers has received many national awards including a silver award from the National Association for Preschool Nurses. They are one of only three early learning centers in the country to receive such recognition. Kenmore Hills has one of the top ranked preschools in the country as well. This is also one of the few early learning centers that is accredited by the Council on Developmental Disabilities (CDD) and also by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In addition, they are accredited by the National Educational Association. All of these accreditations make this a prime place for families to begin the process of providing early childhood education for their children.

Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center offers classes in several areas of child development including language, reading, science, math, social studies, physical education and music. There are also courses in arts such as dance, painting and singing. There are a wide range of activities for children as well including games, art projects and even theater lessons. All children are welcomed and encouraged to participate and you will find that each child is excited about this exciting experience and truly enjoys the interaction and camaraderie with the other children. It may even be that the parents are not aware of all the wonderful things that their children enjoy doing or what fun activities they are enjoying.

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