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Mohammed Reviews and experience in dog training is useless because Mohammed did not teach his method of dog training. What Mohammed did was to learn from other people and their experiences. If you are already aware of the problems people have in dog training, how can you provide them with a solution? It would be like trying to solve a problem by asking, “What’s wrong with my neighbor?”

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As far as dog brain training is concerned, Mohammed’s method is so easy that it can be taught by a 4-year-old, by a baby, or by a puppy. Dog brain training is not dog brain training and it’s not even the same thing. The name of this technique is derived from the fact that it trains your dog to be obedient.

I’m sure you wouldn’t expect a puppy to behave like a baby when he grows up, would you? If you think dog brain training is as easy as training a dog, then you are obviously being stupid. You might think that once you train your dog to listen to you, he will respond to everything you say, and then he will become obedient. You could end up hurting your dog’s feelings if you do this though because some people still think that training a dog to be obedient is like training a puppy, only that they’re more intelligent than puppies.