Podiatrist Canterbury – A licensed podiatrist is one that practices in a medical profession that specializes in the field of orthopedics. A podiatrist works under the supervision of a primary physician and their job scope usually includes treating foot, ankle, and lower limb injuries. Some conditions that they treat include fractures, herniated discs, sprains, muscle pain, tendonitis, bursitis, bone chips, and fractures. They are also trained to treat conditions like stress fractures, slipped disks, and herniated discs.

podiatrist Canterbury

Podiatrist Canterbury – Duties of a Podiatrist

In addition to treating injury, some health care providers also take extra care of their patients by ensuring that they maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. It is also common for them to provide preventive health care services for their patients by conducting yearly health screenings. One of the most common ailments that they treat is back pain, which may stem from a number of reasons. However, some cases are severe and require immediate attention.

The practice of podiatry has gained popularity over the years because of the advantages it offers not only to the physical body but also to the mental state of a patient. Since a podiatrist treats a wide variety of ailments, their expertise is in demand in many different fields. A good example of a practitioner who performs podiatry is George Hardy, a podiatrist who serves a specialized role in Christchurch. Hardy carries out the necessary examinations and tests that are required for a patient before treating his condition. He ensures that his patient recovers fully and takes proper precautions to prevent any further injury or complications in the future.

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