Kundalini Massage For a Better Understanding of Kundalini

The practice of Kundalini massage dates back to the age of ancient India, when it was used to help heal injuries and promote healing. In particular, kundalini massage is used for stress relief, increased mobility and to encourage spiritual growth. Kundalini derives from the Sanskrit word kunda, which means “potency of movement”. The belief is that as your kundalini rises it energizes the body increasing your overall well being while energizing your muscles and tissues.

The Death Of Kundalini Massage And How To Avoid It

During a kundalini massage your yoga instructor will massage your spinal cord, the nervous system and all the major organs of the body. After the massage your kundalini will begin to move upward in your spine. There are many benefits that you will experience by giving a deep tissue kundalini massage such as; increased mobility, relief from postures, improvement in the lymphatic system, removal of toxins and the overall healing of your body structure. You can take advantage of the power of kundalini massage by learning more about this form of yoga instruction.

Kundalini massage can be very relaxing and enjoyable. You will notice that you will be able to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. If you are suffering from muscle soreness and inflammation then you can benefit from a deep tissue kundalini massage. Kundalini will allow you to release stuck energy and allow your muscles and other connective tissue to relax.