Want An Easy Fix For Your Tree Removal? Read This!

Some problems can’t be fixed with a simple bandage. Tree removal is one of them. If you don’t want to hire someone to take down trees, you should consider getting rid of the tree on your own. It’s not as hard as it seems once your are know-how. Here are some great tips for removing your first tree:

brown wooden house in shallow focus

1) Don’t Take A Short Cut

If you see a small branch from the ground, don’t kick it over and assume there’s nothing else hidden by foliage- remove all branches within reach before cutting through any limbs above the ground level. While climbing a ladder or using a bucket truck, always take extra precautions by wearing boots with steel toes and chainsaw chaps to protect yourself from possible accidents.

2) Keep Kids And Pets Away From The Area

If something goes wrong, or if you slip and fall from a ladder or truck bucket those children and pets could be seriously injured as a result of your tree removal efforts. It’s best to keep them out of the way while you’re doing this job. It might be a good idea to have someone watch over them on a nearby porch or deck so they don’t try to sneak up on you while you try to work.

They could also play in the area where you’ve removed some branches and potentially injure themselves, so make sure they stay somewhere safe during your tree removal project.

3) Use A Sturdy Ladder When You Need To

Don’t even think about taking down a tree without first putting up your ladder. There’s no other way to do it correctly- the same goes for using a bucket truck. Keep in mind that trees can be unpredictable, so you should place your ladder at least two feet away from the base of the trunk and far enough from branches where you can easily maneuver around them.

4) Have The Proper Safety Gear

You need to have safety gear for this kind of job, including sturdy but lightweight boots, gloves, steel toe caps if you’re going to use a chainsaw, and chaps or pants made from chainsaw protective material. You also might want to consider eye protection along with hearing protection gear because are important when doing any kind of tree removal.

Even if you’re not climbing a ladder or using power tools, there are other types of dangers that could be present while you work on this project- so watch out for branches that could fall, cut off any unwanted foliage just above the level of your head to avoid being hit with debris in the event of sudden downpours, and wear protective eyewear when pruning near ground level or overhead.

The safety gear is essential because the job can get hectic at times- whether you’ve climbed a ladder or are working from inside a bucket truck.

5) Be Patient And Have Patience

You should take everything one step at a time when doing this kind of home improvement project. It might be tempting to chop up the entire tree with a chainsaw in no time at all, but you need to take your time while doing this job.

Look up some online tutorials about how to cut down trees if you don’t know what you’re doing- this is where YouTube videos can be extremely helpful. Once you’ve done the research, get started on the project and go carefully- it’s not worth hurting yourself or causing damage to your home just so you can say that you did the job.

6) Don’t Forget To Remove The Stumps

Once your job is finished, remove any stumps by getting rid of them completely. It only takes a few minutes with an excavator, backhoe, or stump grinder. You might even want to do this project in stages if you need to wait for your equipment rental company to deliver what you need.

7) Do The Job Right & Clean Up After Yourself

When the project is finished, make sure that you do it right by maintaining a clean work area throughout the entire job. Don’t leave branches or other debris lying around because this could create future issues like pest infestations and significant damage to your landscaping.

You should also keep any dogs or other pets away from the area while they’re eating these branches- even if they’re small pieces! And remember, never climb trees when pregnant women are present in your household- always stay safe no matter what kind of tree removal project you’re doing.

8) Get Help From A Professional If You Need It

If you feel like you need a little extra help, then hire professional tree removal services to do it for you. They’ll be able to take care of the job safely and efficiently. Also, for tree loping jobs Perth, click on the link.