Choosing a PBN Setup Service

Using a PBN setup service is a smart move if you’re looking to increase your search engine rankings. They’ll take care of obtaining domains, hosting, and even design the sites for you. Most use basic WordPress themes and install a number of plug-ins to make the sites look more natural. It’s important to choose a provider that uses a variety of plug-ins and themes, and has a high standard for its PBN sites.

What Is Choosing A PBN Setup Service Really Allabout?

When choosing a PBN setup service, you should consider how many sites you’ll be aiming to rank for. A good quality service will build a variety of free profiles on social media websites, while focusing on building authoritative sites. Link-building from these sites will improve the site structure, which is essential for high search engine rankings. You can also choose to buy redirected pages that appear to be original. This way, your PBN will look more realistic and not look like a copy of your previous website.

The best PBN setup service will manage hosting and domain registration for you. Then, they will set up the website, creating and managing content. They may rebrand the domain to make it look more like a local business site, or they may even rebrand the domain to protect the original owner’s identity. They’ll also make sure the site has natural backlinks and will write relevant content. Experts recommend that the content on each PBN should be two or three pages, with no more than 3 posts per page.