Types of Baby Blankets

The following list is a compilation of several types of baby blankets that can be used for different purposes. A newborn baby usually comes with only the clothes he or she wears.

baby laying on bed

So, if you are looking to welcome your new bundle of joy with a special gift, here’s a list of some handmade crochet and knitting patterns you might want to try:

Nappy Cover

A nappy cover is a small blanket or towel which is draped over the shoulder and tied around the waist, held in place by one knot on each side. The nappy cover is made from 100% cotton terrycloth.

It prevents leakage as well as rashes due to wetness from getting into contact with the legs and belly area while at the same time covering up that embarrassing bare patch on the nappy which is bulging out.

Toy Bag

A toy bag is a small baby blanket made of soft material that serves as a safe, convenient place to store toys for carrying or for use in creating a cozy bed. A toy bag would come very handy when you are taking your baby to visit friends, relatives or even just going out shopping.

Before leaving with your precious child, toss all his toys into the bag and secure it closed with the two straps that are attached at each end of the bag. Then open it up to turn it into a little play mat which is ideal for tummy time playtime fun!

Changing Pad

A changing pad is another type of baby blanket used to protect your baby from wetness and nasties that come with changing his or her diapers. It is made of a non-absorbent material such as vinyl, plastic or nylon making it easy to clean and maintain.

A changing pad is usually quite thin and compact – just the right size for your diaper bag. Though you can always make one yourself if you’d like something a little more personalized; not to mention economical too!


The swaddle is also another type of baby blanket which serves as protection from wetness and cold drafts. However, unlike a nappy cover, a swaddle does not have an opening at the back where the child’s body comes into contact with its surface; it has armholes instead.

Thus, keeping those tiny arms tucked in to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Most people would swear by the muslin type of baby blanket as a great swaddling choice for its lightweight and airy feel. It comes in many different patterns and colours perfect for dress-up occasions when you are planning some family photos.

A muslin baby blanket can also double up as a nursing cover, stroller cover or playtime mat while at the same time being super easy to clean after use!

Crochet Baby Afghan

For some parents who prefer more personality in their infant’s accessories, crocheted baby afghans make wonderful gifts too. These are often given away to friends on their newborn’s arrival – it is traditionally known as ‘blankie’.

This has been proven by research where it was found that having a special ‘blankie’ brings comfort to the child especially during times of stress or anxiety – whether it is being given the needle at the doctor’s clinic, attending daycare or even just heading off on vacation.

A crochet baby afghan can also be used as a playmat for tummy time fun! Just spread out its wide expanse and let your infant stretch out his or her muscles while playing with their toys. Keep them warm by draping over them when they are done too!

When it comes to knitting, many parents opt for knit baby booties to keep their newborns’ feet warm and safe from germs (especially if you’re planning to take them out anytime soon). The advantage of knit booties is that they are easy to pull up and down – no need to tie them!

Just slip it on the baby’s feet, go out shopping or perhaps even have a nice walk in the park.

So those were the baby blanket types, especially for crochet and knitting.