The 7 Best Things About Funeral Reception

A funeral reception is a time when guests come to share their memories, comfort each other and celebrate the life of your loved one. While funerals can be overwhelming for survivors – especially if you’re in charge of planning it – a funeral reception can be quite pleasant.

people in black tops inside room

It’s an opportunity to gather with friends and family over good food, drinks and laughter in honour of your loved one who has passed away.

1) A Funeral Reception Is The Best Time To See Friends You Might Not Have Seen Since School Or Work

At a wake or memorial service, you are surrounded by people paying their respects toward the deceased person. This makes it difficult for you to get out there among them to talk to old classmates or coworkers that may be there.

At a funeral reception, you can move around at will to reconnect with old friends and classmates, all while eating delicious refreshments.

2) People Are Often More Genuinely Happy At A Funeral Reception Than A Wake Or Memorial Service

At a wake or memorial service, people are often more sombre since they are visiting the deceased person’s body. But at a funeral reception, where the focus is shifted away from death onto life instead, people tend to be genuinely happy about seeing you again.

This makes it easier for you to have fun with your guests without being constantly reminded of your loss by glum faces all around you.

3) You Can Enjoy Delicious Food And Alcoholic Beverages Both Before And After The Funeral

At a wake or memorial service, refreshments are often not served until after the funeral, when everyone has already paid their respects toward the deceased person. But at a funeral reception, you can get your fill of delicious food and alcoholic drinks before attending the funeral.

And then enjoy even more afterwards, while reliving memories with your friends and family that may be comforting to you during this difficult time.

4) A Funeral Reception Is An Excuse To Dress Up And Look Nice For Once

At many funerals, people wear dark colours like black or grey since they’re in mourning over the deceased person. This is fine if you’re planning on spending most of your time sitting right by where they have been laid out in a coffin.

But at a funeral reception, you can wear brighter colours and look nice without being disrespectful toward the deceased person. You may even feel more cheerful as a result.

5) A Funeral Reception Can Be A Great Opportunity To Sell Or Give Away The Deceased Person’s Belongings They No Longer Need

At a wake or memorial service, it can be quite awkward to ask guests for their help in going through the deceased person’s belongings since they don’t have much time to do so before heading out again.

But at a funeral reception, where people are gathered together over refreshments and socializing – including the purchase or sale of such items – it can be much easier to sell or give away those belongings that your loved one no longer needs.

6) A Funeral Reception Allows You To Spend Time With Family That You Might Not Get To See Often

At a wake or memorial service, you’re surrounded by family that have come from out of town just to be at this event for you.

But while being there is comforting, it can also make it more difficult for you to spend time with your other family members who might not have been able to make such a long journey.

But at a funeral reception, everyone is gathered together in one place – including those distant relatives – making it easier for you to get together and share memories about your loved one.

7) Finally A Funeral Reception Is An Excuse For Friends And Family To Get Together And Socialize After The Funeral

At wakes and memorial services, your friends and family are there to pay their respects to the deceased person. But once that’s over with, they might not be inclined to spend time socializing because they think it would be disrespectful or uncomfortable under the circumstances.

But at a funeral reception, people feel freer to mingle with each other without having to worry about how others may perceive them. This means you can get together with old classmates for one last hoorah before progressing on with your life without this person anymore.

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