Laptop Keyboard Troubleshooting

Having problems with your laptop keyboard can be frustrating. There are many different reasons why you might encounter this problem. First of all, it could be a driver problem. The previous keyboard driver you used could be conflicting with the current one. If this is the case, you should reinstall the driver. Another reason could be that the ribbon or connector is damaged or loose. Dirt and grime on the keys may also cause the keys to become unresponsive. Additionally, certain settings may prevent the keyboard from activating at all.

Quick Fixes For A Laptop Keyboard That Is Not Working

laptop keyboard

The cursor control keys are often located in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. In many laptops, these keys are hidden under the Function key, which makes them inaccessible to most people. For this reason, you might want a standalone cursor navigation key instead. Alternatively, you might want a laptop keyboard that features separate arrow keys. If you plan to use your laptop for programming, it may be better to avoid combinations.

To fix a malfunctioning laptop keyboard, you should first determine whether you’re facing a hardware or software issue. If the keyboard works properly during the pre-boot environment, it might be a software issue. If it doesn’t work, you should take the laptop to the store for service. You can do a few things to diagnose the problem yourself. Check whether the keys are damaged or obstructed, or whether they feel unresponsive. Some models may even need to be replaced.