Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Vest

multiple sclerosis cooling vest

Chaleco refrigerante esclerosis multiple sufferers have a few options when it comes to choosing a cooling vest. There are several different types of cooling vest available and you will want to find the right one for your condition. The cooling vest can be worn over or underneath clothes and can provide hours of relief. The price range for cooling vests varies, ranging anywhere from $30 to $500. This article will discuss some of these options. This article will provide more information on the cooling vests and what to look for in one.

It Works Best Over Thin, Breathable Fabrics

A cooling vest is a popular MS treatment option that can reduce symptoms caused by heat. It can cost anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, and it can help people with MS maintain cooler core temperatures. The cooling vest can also reduce symptoms caused by excessive heat, including leg weakness, spasticity, fatigue, and cognitive issues. Some organizations even provide free cooling vests and accessories. There are a few things to consider before investing in one of these products, however.

The cooling vest is designed to be worn for at least 30 minutes before physical activity. Generally, it works best over thin, breathable fabrics. It is also highly adjustable, with straps that can be adjusted for a snug fit. The vest can contain up to six pockets that hold ice or other cooling packs. The vest should be closed with a Velcro closure, and the straps should be adjusted accordingly to achieve the proper fit. There are many benefits to using a cooling vest for MS, and they are affordable and accessible.