Thanksgiving Gadgets to Help You Prepare, Cook, and Serve a Tasty Turkey

Thanksgiving is the time to buy some great cook turkey gadgets to make your meal extra special. These gadgets are designed to help you prepare, cook, and serve a tasty turkey.

Should you cover a turkey with aluminum foil when roasting?

A good carving board has grooved edges that will catch and collect the juices. It also has a built-in drawer for storing drippings.

One of the most impressive cooking gadgets is a thermocouple thermometer that provides an accurate digital reading in two to three seconds. While a dial thermometer may be fine for a meaty steak, you’ll need something much more precise to tell you when your turkey is done.

ThermoWorks makes a thermometer that is popular among celebrity chefs. Made in Germany of high carbon stainless steel, it measures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit and delivers accurate readings in only three seconds. This is one of the most accurate thermometers available and is a good choice for a home cook.

Another great thermometer is the ThermoHAWK Touchless Infrared Thermometer, which uses laser technology to measure temperature. For just over thirty dollars, you can get a quality infrared thermometer that measures up to four hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, there is the Gourmet Turkey Lifter, which features a single-unit design, heavy gauge wire, and an easy-grip handle. Whether you’re lifting a turkey to carve or simply transferring it from a roasting pan to a carving board, this device is the icing on the cake.

Although these are not the best gadgets for making your Thanksgiving dinner extra special, they do offer some useful perks. For example, the ThermoWorks Thermapen is a hyper-precise thermometer that’s ideal for measuring the temperature of your turkey while it’s roasting.