Lantana Recovery in Columbia SC

Lantana Recovery in Columbia SC is an outpatient rehab facility specializing in alcohol and drug addiction. This center provides evidence-based treatment programs that include individual, group, and family therapy. It also offers specialized treatment for dual diagnosis patients.

What is the percent of success in rehab?

The intensive outpatient program at Lantana lasts for 28 to 40 days. During this time, clients receive individual, group, and medication management sessions. They can also participate in recreational activities and support groups.

The facility also accepts health insurance, Medicare, and TriCare. It has several locations throughout South Carolina.

For patients who are seeking a more intensive treatment, a residential program is available. It lasts for eight weeks and includes 12-step group meetings, Bible study, and prayers. Clients who are abstaining from drugs for at least 72 hours before entering the program must pass a breathalyzer test.

A longer term rehab program can help people who have tried to quit before. It may include longer periods of detoxification and group therapy.

People who are addicted to prescription medications can also benefit from a Suboxone program. This treatment helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and curb opioid cravings.

Other services at Lantana include a family support group, and problem solving skills. Patients can choose to live at the facility or commute each day. In addition, the center offers several financing options.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a rehab for your child or you’re a loved one who’s suffering from an addiction, it’s important to find the right treatment center. Before deciding on a center, it’s important to do your research and speak with an expert.