A New Rainbow Crossing Design Pops Up in Auckland, New Zealand

rainbow crossing design

A rainbow crossing design is a way to show support for LGBTQIA+ people and community. The colourful pedestrian crossings are usually painted to celebrate the colors of the rainbow flag or are based on gay pride events. The crossings have been adopted by cities around the world, but are also subject to attack and vandalism from those opposed to them. Read more https://creativecrosswalks.co.uk/

A new rainbow-coloured crossing has popped up in Auckland, New Zealand. It features the colours of the Rainbow Flag, with additional colours added to represent Black and Trans Pride. This makes it the first Rainbow Crossing in New Zealand to include these symbols. The Rainbow Crossing is part of a larger Karangahape Road Enhancement Project that will see the installation of pedestrian crossings that are designed to meet accessibility standards.

Walking the Rainbow: The Role of Public Art in Promoting LGBTQ+ Rights

The new rainbow crossing was installed by the local council in a bid to promote the LGBTI+ communities and help create a safe environment for everyone. The council hopes that the rainbow crossing will encourage locals and visitors to come together, celebrating diversity in the city. The rainbow crossing is situated near the main entrance of RAF Brize Norton.

However, the rainbow crossing is not without its critics, with campaigners claiming that it poses a risk to disabled people, older people and children. They say the brightly coloured art could also exacerbate hallucinatory conditions for those with psychosis. Despite these concerns, the rainbow crossing has already been welcomed by the local LGBTI+ community and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, which oversees the base.